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This song came to me at a time when things were difficult. I knew this song would be relatable and heart felt because the melody, which came to me before the lyrics, already captured a sense of emptiness that I felt.
What gave this song true meaning was when I learned about the tragic loss of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. I couldn’t imagine what the family was going through. Without you is a song inspired by the tragic events of that day. It’s about struggling to find peace within ourselves after loosing someone we loved and not having a chance to say a proper farewell.

Jess Zarco

Executive Producer/Artistic Director: Joanne Dupuis
Lyrics: Jess Zarco, Priscilla Zarco
Music: Produced by Jos DaGreatest, & Sabaya
Additional Instruments:
Violins: Carey Blackwell,
Piano: Abel Maxwell
Video: Directed by Peezee
Download: “Without You”

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